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Friday Jun 29, 2018

In this episode, I have a special guest helping me out! Cash Edison, my brother and fellow writer, is reading the part of Henry in this short story.
Here's the story blurb for this episode:
Annie is a grown woman now, past all that childish adventuring stuff, but when her cousin Henry claims to have overheard instructions to buried treasure she is forced to decide whether or not to invest her belief in one more childish adventure.
You can find out more about Cash Edison on his website: 
Also, check out his novel Mind Jumper in his Virus of the Mind series: 

Ep 6: The Stone Trader

Friday Jun 15, 2018

Friday Jun 15, 2018

This week's episode is a sci-fi short story called The Stone Trader. 
With humankind scattered among the stars in poverty-stricken colonies, only two things connect the last remnants of the race: a makeshift government, too busy arguing over a chain of command to be of use to its citizens, and traders, distributing necessities as they fly between colonies.
The Stone Trader trades in many things, but rocks are his specialty. He thinks himself an expert on the subject until two strange women claim to have found a rock like no other. It is a hoax or could it be the most extraordinary discovery humankind has ever made?
An origin short story set in the Stone Keeper universe.

Ep 5: The Runaway

Friday Jun 08, 2018

Friday Jun 08, 2018

We're back this month with four more episodes of Baverstock's Allsorts. 
This week's story is called The Runaway. 
When children run away to the circus, it is Seamus Harden who talks them down and gets them the help they need.
Spoilt teenagers, abused kids, Seamus sees it all.
Until one night Seamus meets a little a little girl with a perfect pink dress, perfect white socks, and a reason for running away to the circus that even Seamus has never heard before.

Ep 3: Dinner Plans

Friday Apr 20, 2018

Friday Apr 20, 2018

In this week's episode, Jessica reads an amusing science-fiction story called "Dinner Plans." The question is, whose dinner plans is the story about?

Thursday Apr 05, 2018

In this first episode of the new podcast, Baverstock's Allsorts, Jessica Baverstock reads a short poem entitled "We, the Women of the Lifeboat."
Here is the painting that this poem is based on:
Music composed by Rafael Krux. 

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